Village 2017

A collaboration area for Lincoln School parents, grandparents, guardians, and mentors—the Village—whose children will graduate high school in 2017.

Seventh Grade Parents' Meeting December 15, 2011

Village 2017, it's time for all of us to check in with each other! As most of you know, we have been meeting for a number of years. . . as 2nd grade parents, 3rd grade parents, etc. Before we know it, we will need to fundraise for the 8th grade trip and transition to the High School. So, please come to the Lincoln Library on Thursday, December 15, 7:00–8:30 pm to talk about your child's year so far, social issues, and anything or everything related to your 7th grader.
Regards, Susan Silberberg

5th Grade Parents Meeting Minutes: June 15, 2010

(Group has been newly named: Village 2017)
Time and Location: 7-8:30pm in the Library

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